Every public Ladies’ Room must have these.

Believe it or not, I’m not very particular with a public restroom’s cleanliness.  I always have baby wipes inside my purse so if the toilet seat is filthy, I can conveniently scrub the goddam thing to a shine.

What I am irked about public restrooms, however, is how, when inside a stall, there’s inadequate space to place your things.  I’m a bag lady.  I carry at least three bags with me when I’m out (i.e., purse, laptop case, shopping loot, etcetera).

And if there is space, it’s usually behind the door and high up.  Again, I find this irksome because I don’t like clutching schtuff while “doing my thing”.  🙂

Imagine me squealing in delight when, at a children’s partayyy this afternoon, I found these lovelies inside the bathroom.

These hangers are pinned on the left side of the bathroom stall and are kept at an arm’s length so that you can easily grab anything inside your purse while sitting on the toilet.

Notice that instead of having only a single hanger, there are two.  This brilliant idea had to spring from a woman because only a true lady will understand that we can’t resist shopping!  🙂



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