Let’s hit the buffet!

Mandarin Hotel’s Paseo Uno is definitely my favorite hotel buffet.  The dim lighting and cozy atmosphere suit my penchant for obscure dining.  That— and the fact that it’s not crowded (read: the sensationalized Circles in Shangri-la Makati and Spiral in Sofitel Manila) or boring (read: Nielsen’s now Escolta at The Pen).

Ooops.  I almost forgot.  Paseo Uno also serves unlimited crepes.  True, most buffets offer the same but nothing beats their Banana Crepe.  I admittedly can finish five of these.  Only because the bananas are dipped in extraordinary caramel sauce.  Burp.

I like my Banana Crepe topped with Vanilla Sauce and Choco Chips.

This Halloween weekend, however, I was able to experience a buffet that could, in my books, rival Paseo Uno’s.  I can barely recall the exact names of the things I ate but let me share the snaps.

We sat on one of these tables.  How quirky are the chairs?

I didn’t take a photo of the dining area as courtesy to the other patrons.  This table was vacant and was nearer to the smorgasboard action.  Ours was by the window where we had a lovely view.  🙂

Veggies with BACON.  ‘Nuff said.  🙂

Beef Tornadoes— so soft and juicy.  🙂

Breaded and peppered Dory. I usually get dizzy after eating Dory but no aftertaste on this particular recipe.  🙂

It was only after my other niece’s bornday partayyy where I wolfed down a bizillion choco cupcakes that it occured to me that I don’t enjoy chocolate as dessert.  Yes, even as ice cream.  And we all know what a sucker I am for ice cream!  😦

So, instead of diving into chocolate everything (i.e., eclairs, cakes, cookies…) I had a kajillion of these:

Cream Puffs!  🙂  

Creme Brulee!  🙂

I’m addicted to Iced Teas.  But only to those that have a hint of that “Yakult” taste in them.  Haha!  This one did.  🙂 

In the interest of not making you Zzzzzz, I didn’t take a photo of every single thing I stuffed in my mouth.  Just those dishes I kept on going back to.

My burpalicious experience occured at the Acacia Hotel.  The buffet ran on a promo which ended on October 31, 2011.  It cost PHP888.00 per person.  The iced tea was PHP149.00— bottomless.


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