Walk a mile, give to a child.


I don’t remember how I got into TOMS Shoes.  To be sure, though, no one introduced me to it.  I probably learned of it the way I do of most things I end up loving— by stumbling upon it while out shopping.

I do remember, however, my very first pair.  It took me months of admiring your average TOMS display window before I finally found a design suitable for purchase.

It was a Friday night, I just had an after-work dinner with my mom and my sister at Power Plant Mall.  We were on our way to get picked up by the driver when we saw a Style Your Sole event happening inside the mall.  Basically, the event works like this: you buy a classic pair of TOMS and decorate it.  I haven’t actually participated in one but here’s something that caught my eye while we were there.

I’m not a fan of Rizal, and definitely not a fan of “Tita Cory”

but hey, this is pretty interesting.

Regular merchandise are always available at any Style Your Sole event too which is, in my case that night, a blessing because after an excruciating wait (haha!  :)), I was able to buy these limiteds.  The very last pair and they were in my size— 9.

Forget Manolos! 

These are way more awesome and for a brilliant cause too!

Since TOMS Shoes are a bit pricey (around PHP2,600 to PHP2,900+), I vowed to get only the limited edition.  Which is exactly what I did for my next two pairs.

These are called “Love is the New Black”.

And why shouldn’t Love be?  🙂

TOMS in men’s size— 8.5.

I had an amusing encounter while buying the Anchor pair.  At this boutique called Trilogy along Rada Street, the guy selling asked me: “Do you do social work?”.  Even I had to laugh at that.  Before telling him I was a “banker”, I had to know the basis of his assumption.  Well, he said that since TOMS was championing a cause, it seemed convenient to assume that most people who wear it are also cut from the same cloth.  I didn’t want to air my personal struggle with “social development” so I simply shrugged and said, “Oh, no.  I work for a bank and I just support the One for One Movement.”

Perhaps it’s corporate guilt but soon, TOMS kept on populating my shoe closet.

All a glitter for the holidays.

Photo Credit: Reg Silva

By then I veered away from quirky limiteds and stuck to staples.

It’s okay not to have Louboutins.  For now.  🙂

Coral and in linen.

I can totally tie the knot in these!  Haha!  🙂

Check out how the logo is embroidered, instead of stitched.

I often say that you can literally walk miles in TOMS Shoes.  Literally and figuratively.

Comfort is key in shoes; style is merely secondary.  With TOMS, comfort and style are at par.  You may not like the designs I picked for my TOMS but there are a lot.  Surf the web, visit a distributor, find a pair that speaks of you.  🙂

By buying TOMS Shoes, you’re not only freeing your feet from bondage but you’re also participating in a movement that promise to give a pair to a Latin American/ African, yes, and even a Filipino child in need for every pair you acquire for yourself.  How cool is that?  🙂


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