Thank YOU, EastWest Bank.

My ID’s battered from torrential rain and wear and tear.  Ooops!

I originally planned on sending a message to all my valued colleages on my very last day in the Bank (or at least on the day before the Security Administrator terminates my access to the internal network).

I never got the chance.  One minute I was composing the sign-off notification, the next I was trying to squeeze in all my remaining belongings in a black file box.

Looking back on it, I guess I had to rethink my intention of hitting the SEND button because 90% of the people I wanted to thank for the last time have already left.  😦

By mere happenstance, my CrapBerry crashed few days after I had just left the Bank.  All my files were gone.  If not for the yagit phone I use for backup, my phonebook will be down to zero.  I thought I lost everything— my life!— stored in my CrapBerry.  Until this weekend.  I discovered that few items were recovered.  One of them was the draft letter I composed for my co-workers.

For posterity’s sake, I’d like to take this opportunity to do what I was supposed to have done.  Here goes.  🙂


I only wanted to be a sociologist.  How norms and values are intrinsic to the shaping of man and society is fascinating to me.

My parents, however, a banker— as they have been for decades.  They wanted to inculcate the discipline, ethic, and morals they grew up (and grown old with).

In the beginning, my heart wasn’t in it.  But my mind was.  In the end, the “heart” followed suit.  In the process, I was able to live my dream.  How a system’s integrity illumines a financial institution’s credibility became equally interesting as the study of man and society.

Truly, my experience in EastWest Bank is indeed a “piece de resistance“.  And for that, I will be eternally grateful to YOU.

You served has my mentors, colleagues, friends, “frenemies” (haha! kidding! :)) and for some, even drinking buddies.  I thank YOU and I honor YOU.

I’m not inclined to say goodbye because goodbyes are always difficult.  So in lieu of bidding farewell, I propose saying hello and dropping a line.  Let’s toast to the genius behind Fezbook for that.  Keep in touch.  Else, I’ll see you out on the streets or perhaps even in other parts of the globe.

A bientot, Yam


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