Clearly, giving birth is useless.

As you may have noticed, I’m a HUGE FAN of my first real niece, Claire Bear.  She was christened “Claire Marie” but I call her that for kicks.  When my sister-in-law got preggers, I would bug my mom every night if she already gave birth even though she was months far off.  I just wanted for the baby to be here so I can have something to stare at and spend idle time on.

I won’t be ashamed to admit that I preferred a boy.  We always had boys— my cousins born in the millenium all are.  And having baby-sat them the period I briefly lived in the States is one of the best memories in mind.  Boys are rough and they blurt out the darnest things.  I will never get enough of them although they’ve grown considerably the past few years.

Thus, I was a bit disappointed when we heard the news that there’s a greater probability that the baby would be a girl.  “All the signs pointed to it”, I was told.  However close to truth the news was, I still looked forward to “her” coming.

To this day, I don’t see it but when Claire Bear’s sonogram

fell into our hands, everyone claimed she looks exactly like me.

And they would repeatedly profess the same thing when she was finally born.

A colleague in the Bank, J, told me that she catches me wearing

the same expression at work from time to time.  When frustrated?  Haha!  🙂

This next photo was taken on our first visit to the hospital.  It is now framed and parked next to the other childhood photos of me and my siblings in my mom’s living room.  The smile, according to my mom, bears an uncanny resemblance to the smile I used to wear when little.

At five days old, she adored an audience. 

She didn’t always look as I did.  She’s also the spitting image of my brother, being her father and all.

At three months

But her penchant for food, she definitely inherited from me!  🙂

Baby’s first unofficial chocolate at four months.

I imagined her diving into this cake and making a glorious mess.  Haha!  🙂

Five months and in what I coin her “Donya Victorina” ‘do.

(Read: Noli Me Tangere)

I’m actually inching for her to be old enough for a real playtime.  She’s such a happy baby!  🙂

Pizza partayyy at six months!

Drumsticks at seven months!

Two of my aunts in the States whose kids I baby-sat only have boys.  I never really understood before why they longed for a girl when their boys are hilarious to be with.  Now I know where the longing stems from.  SHOPPING.  Dressing up baby girls exercises creativity!  🙂

Our budding fashionista’s clothes are all gifted. 

Kuya and Ate say they never have to buy any at eight months…

and beyond.

Turning nine months three days ago.

Clearly, at least for me, giving birth is useless.  I have a precious niece to spoil.  As she grows bigger, I don’t know if people will continue to observe that she could pass for my own child but I don’t really care.  Years ago, I only had faded photos of myself to remind me of who I was as a baby but now that our Claire Bear is around, I have a mini-me on 4D!  🙂


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