Get busy.

I stopped collecting stickers for a Starbucks Planner when, in 2005, I was able to amass a total of five during the promo’s run.  Mind you, this was the time when the Planner was leather-bound and had a free pen.

I ended up giving three of them to friends (at no cost, I like playing “Santa”), used one for myself, and kept the last as a “souvenir”.  Good thing though because the Planners released in the subsequent years were no longer in leather and didn’t come with a pen.

I substituted cheap “Moleskine” knock-offs during the years I didn’t own a Starbucks Planner.  I covered those with Team Manila and TOMS stickers.  I’m so juvenile, I know.  🙂

I had no intention of resucitating the age-old habit of toting a Starbucks Planner until I saw the Y2012 design.

Yup, she does look fresher without the words

“STARBUCKS COFFEE” crowning her.

Can you see me squealing in delight?

It was a toss between “Cherry” and “Poplar” but I chose the latter shade because it matches my MUJI notebooks which I write on while studying life and health insurance (errr, don’t ask).

I claimed my Planner on the third week of November.  Uh, yeah.  Starbucks Coffee may just be my version of H20.  Yikes!  🙂

In keeping with the Christmas festivities, the Planner was issued in this box.

It’s not all about receiving.

Check out the Control Number.  🙂

Lesser freebies (methinks) but the casing compensated for the lack of them. 

More than the Planner itself,  I LOVED the bag.  🙂

I began using the Planner in December and already the pages are filled with meetings, deadlines, and deliverables!

What’s YOUR Starbucks Planner?  If you’re not into this bourgeois shiznit, where do you record stuff that get you busy, if, at all?  🙂


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