I pity today’s children because they tinker with iPads and never really experience what fun we used to have as kids in the 80’s where we filled the kalyes for the love of the “game”— i.e., hide and seek, cops and robbers, mataya-taya, tumbang-preso, langit-lupa, patintero, and ten-twenty.  Back in the day, my brother and our friends even made up our own interpretation of “Takeshi’s Castle”.  It was the best of times.

My niece Claire, at nine months, isn’t old enough to get rough so she mostly stays in her crib with her BFFs, chief among them is “Violet”.

She was there since Day 0.

It didn’t take long for Claire to keep on growing and soon she was stepping on Violet.  So from its infant version, my mom bought her one meant for a toddler.

She says things like, “Snuggle up, Claire!”. 

Can you see  where the power button is?

Adults have smartphones; babies have smartoys.  🙂

Most of Claire’s stuff are gifted.

Baby Einstein from my dad.

Nakakaloka ang selection ng classical music this device can play!  🙂

Gingy from my sister. 

I want one for myself!  🙂

She’s fond of grabbing someone else’s phone.

So my dad got her a cellie suited for her age.

Although she doesn’t seem to use it often.  She still prefers ours!  🙂

I think it’s because both my brother and his wife are young.  They buy the coolest toys for their firstborn wherever they go.

This camel from Dubai.  I mean, seriously, who has a toy camel?  🙂

This Care Bear from Singapore. 

I didn’t know they continue to manufacture these!  🙂

And my personal favorite, only because it scares the bejesus out of me.

Claire attends kiddie parties.  From all her loot, this for me, is winning.  🙂

Rockstar-in-Training.  YES!  🙂

When Claire is of age and if I were to have it my way, she should be building the Louvre out of Lego.  I don’t see children getting their hands dirty out on the streets anymore and it’d be nice if she won’t be a clone of Generation iPad.  🙂


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