Jinkee Love

She was there since the beginning.

Obviously, I love Jinkee Pacquiao not because of her ludicrous collection of Hermes (because really, you only need one) and Chanel (here, I would set the limit to three) bags.  She reminds me of my mom.  In all her interviews, live or on print, she never fails to emphasize the importance of keeping it together for the children in spite of.

They may style her horribly to look like this (oh, gosh, I won’t even show you the spread where the shoes are— EYESORE, trust me)…

Preview, January-February 2010

She may have gone under severe Belofication coupled with the most unjust post-processing… (I’ll let this one off the hook because the styling is impeccable.  LOVE the studded Loubies which are Jinkee’s own.

MEGA, January 2012

But to me, she will always be beautiful.  If you listen to what she says.  🙂

Out of all her snapshots, clearly, this reigns supreme.


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