Globe-Trotting (CAMBODIA): Kamusta ka naman, NAIA?

The Internet is no stranger to snide remarks about the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), specifically, Terminal 1.  And for good reason.  I, for one, truly believe that the airport experience (being your first point of contact with the destination) is a foreshadowing of what your trip will be like in that country.  Well, at least that’s a proven theory in my travels.  🙂

Here is my last known photo at Terminal 1.  Bound for Hongkong in 2007.  I say “last known” because I usually fly PAL which parks at Terminal 2 and an entirely different story altogether.

Somber, methinks.

Early morning, just rolled out of bed, turista look.

(Potangena!  And I was way skinnier too.)

Happy Camper at the Immigration. 

By this time, my sister is super annoyed of taking my photos.  😀

(I was a camwhore in my yesteryears.)

In 2007, I didn’t think NAIA was terrible.  But having seen snapshots and read pleas for renovation littered all over the Web, I couldn’t avoid agreeing.  Yup, the Philippine Airports do need a major overhaul.  I want a bidet in every cubicle at the ladies’ banyo.  Demanding ba???  🙂

The thing is, in terms of aesthetics (I won’t deny that’s what I’m mostly concerned about), our international airports are far behind.  I won’t post pictures of NAIA’s facade because the literature of such is extensive online.  🙂  But here’s three of Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in Clark, Pampanga.

I don’t understand why the signages are an ugly taxi yellow.  If there are provisions governing appropriate color schemes for airports, please feel free to leave a note on this blog.  I need an explanation!  🙂

There is hope, however.  I noticed ongoing construction to improve the airport facilities.  Salamat naman!  Paki-revise na rin sana ang color scheme.  Haha!  😀

I don’t usually judge an airport by its “grandeur” but when I landed on Siem Reap International Airport, I was completely floored.  Not by the ginormous Buddha that rests above you as you claim your baggage (no photos, sorry, you have to be there!) but by the humility it possesses.  Just like everything else in Cambodia.  🙂

If the airport smelled of lavender and played New Age-y music, it would’ve felt like a real spa because of the greenery in the courtyards.

I was also impressed by their immigration system.  Picture-taking and fingerprint-scanning were a breeze.  It reminded me of LAX’s, a friendlier version, that is.  🙂

Checking in…

Waiting for the damn plane to fly me back to hell, este, the Philippines

Another insane personal theory I concocted while traveling: the food sold at the airport is just as bad as it is.

Diosdado Macapagal International Airport

(Baka dapat nag-San Mig Light na lang ako?  :D)

Siem Reap International Airport

And yes, the latter also has a . . .

. . . in every cubicle at the WC.  For maarte travelers like yours truly.  🙂

Sooo.  Noynoy, I am a HUGE fan of your father.  But the airport that bears his name is, without a doubt, kawawa compared to what I’ve witnessed in Cambodia.  I didn’t grow up idolizing Diosdado Macapagal but even I have to admit that I’d rather fly in Clark than in NAIA.


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