Globe-Trotting (CAMBODIA): Hello, Angkor City.

I’ve figured (and proven) that the BEST way to get acquainted with Angkor City is to clock in at the National Museum before heading out to explore the Archaelogical Park.  In there you will learn everything you need to know about the temples you intend to visit from history to religion to yes— even clothing— and more importantly, architecture.


Segue: In fact, it was primarily the Museum which inspired me to purchase

my very own “modernized” Khmer sampot.  🙂

Entrance fee costs USD13.00 plus an additional USD3.00 if you want to loan a headset (which I did).  Even at the Musee du Louvre, I opt for borrowing a headset because I’m really tamad to read museum text.  Besides, it’s an excellent way to block white noise (i.e., turistas yakking and yakking with no decency in respecting the sanctity of a museum).


Asura the Demon

I just know it’s gonna be a fabulous day because

my alter-ego welcomed me.  Bwahahaha!  😀


I get a kick out of seeing Khmer writing even if I don’t understand a thing.

Unlike other turistas who compare the Angkor National Museum to other museums in Paris or New York City, I choose not to.  I think it’s unfair because Cambodia may not have easy access to top-of-the-line resources that other world class museums do.  Heck, I’m from the Third World myself.  And though I’m DYING to bash my country’s national museum, I’d rather shut my trap for the same reason.


Reminds me of our 1998 visit to the Getty.

I wish visitors were allowed to take snapshots inside the galleries so I can show you where my phobia for Siddhartha and all Hindu gods began.  *snickers*  It’s childish, I know.  But after being the only person in a gallery where they keep 1,000+ images of Buddha, I couldn’t help but develop an irrational aversion for the gods.  🙂

Asura (na naman)

Winner ang pout!  🙂

If you exit the Archeaological Park,

you may notice that most of the heads are missing. 

I reckon they are now displayed here.

Sorry for the lack of pictures.  Inasmuch as I’d like to sneak a handful, my inner Ms. Minchin triumphed in following the rules.  That, and for fear of being (a) deported or (b) jailed.  (Oh, the extent of my imagination.  Hehe.  :))


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