Globe-Trotting (CAMBODIA): Khmer Chomp

I went to The Red Piano for Angelina Jolie.

The menu’s not as pricey as its cover looks. 

Meals range from USD3.00 to USD7.00.  Not bad at all.

To feel her “presence” via the Tomb Raider Cocktail, at least.

If my Fashion Police memory serves me right,

this is the dress she wore at the premiere of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

I intentionally didn’t take a snapshot of the famous cocktail for the following reasons:

1.  It wasn’t photogenic— clearly outshined by the icon it was inspired by.  A man sitting next to me who ordered the same thing exclaims, disappointed: “This is it?  I thought it was gonna be a badass drink because, you know, they called it ‘Tomb Raider’— this is too girly!”

2.  I want to bring a travel companion next time and see the look on his/ her face upon being served the cocktail.

3.  I’m never a spoiler.  🙂

Beverage mishap aside, this restaurant is still my go-to place in Siem Reap.  I think we are all aware how maarte I am when it comes to food.  I’m not very adventurous, that is, if I can’t imagine how it was cooked or what’s in it, no thank you.  That’s why I’m not into Asian or Filipino cuisine.  My palate is more inclined to the Italian and American smorgasbord.  The Red Piano’s menu had a variety of those (and more).

Pork Cordon Bleu, a specialty

(Punas laway, sabay himatay!)

Ordering the above photo is a bit of a wait but worth every second of its taste.  You can immediately tell that it was made fresh by the chef.  Every layer is piping hot and gooey (the cheese) and doesn’t feel as if they’ve been pre-attached/ pre-packaged the way most cordon bleu meat are.

Bacon Butty for my bornday brekkie.

This would be your average crisp French bread and butter,

if it weren’t for all that divine bacon.  🙂

The only Starbucks in Cambodia is over at Phnom Penh which is why I’m beyond grateful that The Red Piano’s Iced Coffee delivers a similar kick as the global franchise.  This like my Siem Reap Red Bull!  🙂

Ice melts fast dining alfresco (oh, that infernal heat!)

but the staff can serve you more, upon request.

Sugar syrup and milk too.  🙂

As I am your typical lola in her twenties, I didn’t hang out at The Red Piano late at night (hello, 9:00PM bedtime).  I reckon the restaurant interior’s just as “happenin'” as it is during the day.


How awesome can it get in that Communist shade of red?

For my buddy Paul.  🙂

Granny Yammie’s coveted outdoor dining spot is over here.

I’m counting the days until I can get another plane ticket to Siem Reap.  Hopefully by then, I’ll have someone to toast the Tomb Raider with.  🙂


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