South Side Chomp: Hate the Ice Cream, Love the Stick.

It was all over Twitter.  And as I only graze my news feed, I thought it was a spankin’ smartphone or a coveted app for iPhone.  Yes, I am shunga but I was basically just not interested in discovering more of the “hype”.


It turned out to be a popsicle.  I was never a fan of ice cream on a stick because ice cream is meant for pigging out in your jammies while watching reruns of The Nanny.  Popsicles are just too bitin for me— as I am famous for emptying a tub of cold creamery in one sitting.  It’d be like feeding bird food to a gorilla.  🙂

I also learned that this product is endorsed by people I consider “posers” after seeing them on the news whoring showing up at the Bourne filming in Manila (ahem, can you say usi?).  I’m very protective of the Bourne franchise because unlike others, I’ve actually spent nights gorging on behind-the-scenes with Paul Greengrass AND understanding Ludlum’s Jason— not Hollywood’s.  But I digress.  Suffice it to say that Magnum lost its credence, at least in my view, because of the spokespersons behind it.  🙂

My mom, however, does not share the same opinion.  She loves Magnum.  So much so that our fridge is occasionally stocked with this treat.  Friday night, I finally caved in and stole one for dessert, post-dinner at Marciano’s.

Mamang Sorbetero’s is waaayyy tastier and cheaper too (naman!).  I know that this also comes in Almond and Chocolate Truffle (which I have yet to try) but it’s not Ghirardelli or Valrhona thus leaving me clearly unimpressed.  I find it very pretentious, to be completely blunt about it.  🙂

It’s only saving grace is the engraved stick which, of course, any homely popsicle vendor can’t deliver.  🙂  Maybe this explains the PHP60.00 price?  😀


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