Between the Bookends: Lil’ Miss B

In 1998, I worshipped Carrie Bradshaw.  This was the year when no girl professed her undying love for shoes because nobody knew lil’ Miss B or openly admitted to watching Sex & the City.

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(I never understood why we called Mrs. Marcos’ sole fetish “Imeldific” and SJP’s “chic”.  In my schoolgirl days, I had the chance to see the former First Lady’s “electric shoes” on a field trip to Malacanang Palace and I think those rockin’ footsies still totally kabogs your average Loubies.  :))

HBO’s hit series, if my ten kajillion SATC marathons memory does not fail me, only provided us two glimpses of Carrie’s past:

1.  That she lost her virginity in high school while doing it on a Ping Pong table— “Three thrusts and a joint, finito!”; and

2.  That her father left her mother when she was three (or maybe five?) which she surmises explains her need for a “father figure” (hello, Mr. Big) and men.

We were never in on how she developed a love (and life) of fashion.  No episode gave clues on how she started out as a brilliant writer.

Until famed author Candance Bushnell published The Carrie Diaries— the first account of Ms. Bradshaw’s roots.

And for no reason, and completely out of the blue, I sputtered:

“Mary Gordon Howard believes that most forms of sexual intercourse

can be classified as rape.”

She has— and in fact, lived with her father.  It’s her mother who is gone but only because she died of a grave illness.  The novel, however, provides an adequate narration of how Carrie creatively takes on her mom’s influence.

Her virginity is intact even as you close the book.  Quite contrary to the banter she had with Charlotte York while getting their pedis done in Season 3.

Her semi-explosive journalism shook the high school population to the core.

Her fashion is described to be as quirky and fun, something we are all too familiar with.  Oh, the price of growing up in the ’80s.

You guessed it right!  CW just turned the pages of The Carrie Diaries into a full-fledges series, with Anna Sophia Robb as the teen heroine.

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I must say that Carrie has a knack of surrounding herself with crazy friends (and enemies!).  I honestly can’t pick my favorite!  It’s a toss up between Walt (the ever so gay BFF) and Maggie (your neighborhood emotional trainwreck).  Bushnell writes them all so well I hope these characters live up to their TV counterparts.

If you consider yourself a die hard Sex & the City fan (which, as you can tell, I AM!), then this novel is definitely for you.  I guarantee that it’s the kind of book that you will keep on pulling out of the shelf for a dose of silly fun.  🙂


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