Between the Bookends: A Quarter-Life Samantha, An Engagement Ring, A New York Summer.

The first of its kind will compel you to purchase this next installment because it ends with a cliff-hanger on how our Lil’ Miss B meets Samantha Jones.

Samantha fondly calls Carrie, “Sparrow”.

And let’s face it.  We’re all dying to find out what Samantha was like in her teens twenties.

The TV screen is perhaps a little too small for Jennifer Lawrence,

but wouldn’t you want to watch her portray a young Samantha?  🙂

Photo Credit: Click here

One of the things we’ve learned in our ten kajillion Sex & the City marathons is that Sam may only be two or three years older than her on-screen posse (okay, maybe five, tops).  The diaries will reveal, however, that while Carrie is still fresh off high school, Samantha has already began building a career in her choice industry.

Oh, and she’s ENGAGED.

Sammy Jones!  Canyoubelieveit?  More than aiming for a “corner office by 30”, Miss Jones is focused on nailing a husby which, as we expect from her grandiose lifestyle on TV, will seal fortune to her name.  Of course, we all know how it ends as she ages (I was CRUSHED when she broke it off with Smith Jerrod) so if anything, this book is the one true insight on Sam’s psyche and philosophy.

“I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done. 

Shame is a useless emotion.”

The title itself boasts of Carrie’s summer in Manhattan.  If in one fateful summer, she developed a friendship with Samantha, is it the very same place where she met the other girls?

In front of Saks Fifth Avenue, protesting pornography, that’s where Miranda Hobbes was.  The circumstance of her first encounter with Carrie is too precious as her inspiration for dyeing her hair a fiery red (nope, not orange).

“All men are a disappointment.  No matter what anyone says.”

My lips are sealed on how she meets Charlotte.  🙂

More than discovering the events that lead Carrie to form what will be a tight bond spanning DECADES— we are, dare I even say it, illumined on how her fashion evolved to be “iconic”.

She was at a Chinese restaurant and recently engaged to Aidan.

I love this look.  🙂

The author not only lets us in on the teen heroine’s life as a student at the prestigious New School (where she attends a writing class/ seminar) but she also drags us up and down the streets of NYC for glimpses of Carrie’s penchant for vintage shopping.

“Did you know that the first wedge sandal was invented by Ferragamo

for the young Judy Garland?”

Photo Credit: Click here.

The clothing, shoes, and accessories donned by Carrie and Samantha are described to their finest detail— I was nearly salivating on the pages!  Sophie Kinsella may know shopping but Candace Bushnell is bred on style.  Hello, she had an eighteen-year-old Carrie running all over New York in scrubs!  I can see Patricia Field nodding in approval.  🙂

Obviously, Carrie Bradshaw is nowhere near Anna Karenina so this is not your “intelligent” read.  Curl under the covers and devour its chapters only if you’re a real SATC fan.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Between the Bookends: A Quarter-Life Samantha, An Engagement Ring, A New York Summer.

    • They’re really fun reads, Sue. A mix of kababawan and “depth”. I hope you do. If ever, read The Carrie Diaries first before Summer and the City. Both are equally hilarious but I’m partial to the characters that are in The Carrie Diaries. Mas madaming “pyscho”. Haha! 😀

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