Pic(ks) of the Mid-Week: All I Could Afford Was Dr. Seuss.

House Rules on this “segment” of my blog can be found here.  🙂

Favorite Bornday Gift

(From me to you)

There was a brief period a few months ago when I was transitioning from a career job to unemployment.  A portion of my salary was put on-hold and inasmuch as I intended to give my niece her first pair of TOMS, I didn’t have the budget.  Thus, I opted for a cheaper (and in hindsight, a much more meaningful) present.  Every bit of this book is special.  And that includes the “Party Edition” cover which is basically just a glittery version of any other copy.  It’s Disco Seuss!  🙂  If you can’t see the “glamourized” book jacket, it’s because of my camera settings.  But trust me, it’s all a bling-bling!  🙂

(P.S. By the way, my niece turned one when I gave her this.  The story probably won’t make sense to her until she turns 25.  Or 40.  No, wait.  Maybe 90?  :D)

Favorite Hospital Garb

I usually don’t “dress up” when I go to The Happiest Place On Earth (note the sarcasm, please) but as my visits become frequent, I keep on bumping into people I actually know so I figured I might as well exert an effort to look nice.  For them.  Not for my doctor, who by the way, I’d like to punch in the face for every excruciating wait.

Favorite Updo

I wish I could take credit for fixing my niece’s hair but I can’t.  Her nanny did it.  I’ve always wondered why some mommies (whether old or new) prefer to have or long for at least one baby girl.  Dressing up or playing dress up is fun!  🙂  In one of her playtimes, Claire Bear made me wear a bizillion barettes/ clips/ ribbons on my hair.  😀


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