Globe-Trotting (HONG KONG): Kicking the Ass of Lady Starbucks!

This hole-in-the-wall cafe is easy to miss especially since the Times Square block is littered with signboards and flashy ads.  In a strange way, it reminds me of “Platform Nine and Three Quarters” of the Harry Potter fame.  You’ll reach it, only if you’re meant to.  🙂

  Definitely not on your touristy map!

Dim as a dungeon early morning.

At night, the entrance is illumined in blinding light.

I’m not making a mockery of the place when I say it’s only as big as my kitchen and bathroom, combined.  In fact, its size is part of its charm.  People do not come in droves but alone or in twos, having the most intimate coffee experience on this side of the harbour.

Early bird!  I’m only comfortable taking a picture

when there are no other patrons around.  🙂

A steaming cup of Latte Macchiato (HKD25.00)

to reward myself after a grueling day at work.  🙂

Cafe Corridor’s interior is a hodgepodge of mismatched chairs, polaroids, alcohol bottles, and framed art.  It’s a nook and cranny for anything and everything quirky.  That’s why it appeals to me immensely!  😀

I wish I had the luxury of trying all items on their menu.

A fun way to drink water from the tap.  🙂

Ready, set, SMILE!!!

I had the opportunity to dine here on our only free day off from the business trip and wasn’t disappointed at all.  I ordered the All-Day Breakfast which constitutes of toast, eggs, hash, and sausages (HKD45.00).

I also had the Cappuccino Mocha (HKD35.00) and was delighted that the barista shaped the foam into a heart (deep down, I’m cheesy too, haha!).

I still can’t decide whether it’s best to hang out at Cafe Corridor at night (crowd: teenagers from Mainland China) or in the morning (crowd: white expatriates) so I will say both if only to escape Hong Kong’s glamourized “Binondo” feel.  😀


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