Globe-Trotting (HONG KONG): I Wish I Knew How To Speak Fluent Chinese

According to Rule No. 1, I can post archival data.  😀

Favorite Throwback

(to my childhood)

As you may already be aware of, I get a kick out looking for and drinking Fanta.  In Hong Kong, there’s always the Orange and the occasional Lime but I was extremely blown away when I actually spotted a Grape at the OK Convenience Store right across from work.  It’s not the same as drinking it out of the bottle (no straw) but close enough.

Favorite Dip

I usually like my McNuggets dry (i.e., no barbecue sauce, please).  But when my sister  (who was in Hong Kong the same week I was albeit for vacation) recommended the Honey Mustard, I couldn’t resist.  It also helps that I see Hello Kitty’s fez when I lather my chicken bits with dip.  🙂

Favorite Chinese

Our side of the harbour is catered to tourists from mainland China.  Thus, suffice it to say that even if I badly wanted to hang out here, I couldn’t.  Yup, not even for the free WIFI.  This is the only time I wish I knew how to speak fluent Chinese.  😦

Favorite Office

How awesome is it that I have to go through inside Times Square to reach our office?  I was a good girl though— never swiped my card (although I can’t deny that the urge was omnipresent).

Favorite Perk-Me-Up

I spent the last day of our business trip with this giant mug of love.  What Starbucks?  🙂


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