Jason Bourne WAS my best-kept secret (love).

I gave the world Sex and the City, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and heck— even Twilight and Fifty Shades of Shit Grey.  But I cannot— and absolutely will not— relinquish Jason Bourne.  I’m selfish like that.  🙂

I’m still waiting for Hollywood’s homage to

Carlos the Jackal.

Ludlum’s Jason Bourne (or shall we say, David Webb) was a foreign service officer stationed in Phnom Penh.  His wife was Thai and they had two kids.  His family was killed during the height of the Vietnam War.  He joined the Medusa (the roots of Treadstone Seventy-One) only to become “Delta” and eventually, “Cain”— an assassin feared in Asia (yes, not Europe).

NO to Piracy. 

And a good thing too because this DVD collection

contains the 411 on how all the films were made—

from the Filipino Kali fight sequences to the

high-speed car chases with a Go Mobile.

Obviously, Jason Bourne is was my best-kept secret LOVE.  I spent days gorging on the novels and hours devouring Damon’s technique and Greengrass’ vision.  I never liked speaking of the series with just anybody because people tend to act like imbeciles professing loyalties to “Team Jason” or “Team Carlos”.

    There was never just one.

There could only be one.

And that is why I was EXTREMELY PISSED OFF when I heard that the Bourne franchise was expanding and they were shooting in Manila.  What’s worse, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass were out.  The “new Bourne” is under “new management”, in the hands of Tony Gilroy (who wrote the screenplays for Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum).  Gilroy is a brilliant writer.  I applaud him for deviating from Ludlum’s plot and yet managing to deliver the very same exhilirating chase central to all the novels.

BUT.  He’s a terrible director.  Here are some of my thoughts on Jason Bourne’s (shameful) Legacy:

1.  While I appreciate that Aaron Cross’ fighting style is rustic compared to Jason’s, uhhhh… mejo bobing siya.  🙂  He doesn’t seem to possess the intellect of a Treadstone (or Outcome) man.

2.  If you’ve ever seen the film State of Play— you won’t wonder why the Bourne Legacy movie is full of yakyakan.  It appears to me that Gilroy likes his characters to talk.  A lot.  Greengrass was able to shut him up in Supremacy and Ultimatum.  Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for Legacy.  😦

3.  If they needed both Edward Norton and Rachel Weisz to star alongside Jeremy Renner, obviously, they weren’t confident that the movie was gonna sell without Matt Damon.  I believe it did (or does), but still.  The beauty in all previous Bourne films is that you see characters, not movie stars.

4.  The only saving grace of the movie, at least for me, is when Dr. Donald Foite has gone full-on cray and murdered everyone in that lab.  Well, almost.  This is a studio movie, after all.  And Rachel Weisz is a leading lady.  🙂

5.  I wanted to see action— not listen to verbal discourse.  All the yip-yapping was merely exhausting.  😦

I will stop at five because if I continue, I might be led to discuss Manila as a location for a “Bourne movie” and that discussion will be ugly.  😀


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