Pic(ks) of the Week: Once Upon A Time, I Actually Dreamed Of Becoming A Sociologist. (I Wish I Still Do.)

Please click here for the House Rules.  🙂 Favorite Scare I can take one. But I wasn’t prepared for two. There may have been a bizillion others.  I was absolutely shaking in my TOMS.  😀 I’ve never cultivated an affection for animals unless they’re depicted in cartoons.  I have the most irrational fear of CATS and BIRDS.  […]

Pic(ks) of the Week: Let It Be.

You know the rules.  🙂 Favorite QWERTY Sure, it’s a waste of paper.  But there’s nothing like hearing your thoughts in sync with the beat of a typewriter.  I was lucky to have grown up with two.  However, this isn’t one of them.  This antiquated writing machine can be found at the Crisologo Museum in Vigan […]