Pic(ks) of the Week: I’m Not Ready To Share This To The Masses.

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Favorite BFFs

I don’t have a “barkada”.  Geez, that word makes me shudder.  😀  And even though I was part of one many times in the past, I never liked belonging in a specific clique because I’ve always treated myself as an outsider.

I do, however, have friends— here, there, and everywhere.  That, I like.  🙂  Take these girls.  I didn’t grow up with them.  I’ve grown with and because of them.  All of us in one place seven years since we’ve all been together is like coming across that childhood fairytale you used to read ten times over.  You just know that it will end happily ever after.  🙂

Favorite Time of Day

I love the rain.  But only when I’m not traveling.  And only when I want some peace and quiet in Makati.  This was taken one gloomy afternoon at the Ayala Triangle.  There were a lot of tables inside Banapple but I opted to stay outside.  Nothing beats the sound of pitter-patter when you’re reading a good book (ahem, James Franco’s Palo Alto— fucked up!  *masigabong palakpakan*).

Favorite Throwback

This is what I look like.  Well, back in 2006 anyway.  😀  The photo was taken at the ancient kingdom of Ayudhaya on Christmas Eve.  Multiply’s shutting down and I am forced to “harvest” all the travel photos I stored back in the day.

Favorite Bargain

It’s no secret that I’m a GINORMOUS fan of Miley Cyrus.  Well, Hannah Montana (I’m 29.  And you?).

Since the show ended in the United States and even more so now that she will be Mrs. Liam Hemsworth, I’ve been scouring all bookstores here in Manila for a copy of the autobiography she released when she was only sixteen.  Kacheapan of me, I know.  😀

This book is cheap too.  Thank you, National Bookstore.

Favorite Cupcake

Out of all the things I did, saw, and ate in Ilocos, this takes the cake.  Pun intended.  I want to say that I wish Leila’s Cafe would open here in Manila but then again, it’s better if it doesn’t.  I’m not ready to share this to the masses.  Haha!  😀


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