Pic(ks) of the Week: Let It Be.

You know the rules.  🙂

Favorite QWERTY

Sure, it’s a waste of paper.  But there’s nothing like hearing your thoughts in sync with the beat of a typewriter.  I was lucky to have grown up with two.  However, this isn’t one of them.  This antiquated writing machine can be found at the Crisologo Museum in Vigan where memorabilia of the famed patriarch of the Crisologo clan (and author of the bill establishing Philippines’ Social Security System) are housed.

Favorite “Couture”

The article of clothing pictured above is an authentic tribal raincoat stored for safekeeping at the Burgos Museum, also in Vigan.  It has a very anti-fashion blogger feel to it, don’t you think?  😀

Favorite Wisdom

I’m about to hit the big 3-0 and I’d like to say that the mid-quarter life crisis is over but it never really ends.  Else, I’m just way too existential for my own good.  🙂

There was a bowl of candy in one of the trainings I attended for work and believe it or not, I randomly picked this out of a handful.  My reaction, of course, was— WTF.  😀

Favorite “Obligation”

Twister Fries make me dizzy.  But I feel gastronomically obligated to eat as much as I can if and when it suddenly pops up on the menu.  😀

Favorite Book

(I Can’t Afford)

This costs as much as my electricity, cable, and water bills combined.  So for that, wag na.  😀

(Dear, Fully Booked— any chance this will end up on your half-off bin?  Call me.)


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