Pic(ks) of the Week: Once Upon A Time, I Actually Dreamed Of Becoming A Sociologist. (I Wish I Still Do.)

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Favorite Scare

I can take one.

But I wasn’t prepared for two.

There may have been a bizillion others.  I was absolutely shaking in my TOMS.  😀

I’ve never cultivated an affection for animals unless they’re depicted in cartoons.  I have the most irrational fear of CATS and BIRDS.  Cats are too judgmental.  And the only objects I’m thrilled to see in flight are airplanes, balloons, and kites.  In that order.  🙂

I’m okay with dogs but only because it’s fun naming them.  Our last family dog was a spitz I christened Marx.  Yezzz, as in the Karl Marx.  If our yayas wouldn’t have a hard time pronouncing the name, my other choices were to call him “Weber” or “Durkheim”.  Once upon a time, I actually dreamed of becoming a sociologist.  (I wish I still do.  :()

P.S.  Marx died this year.  He’s been with us since 2001.

Favorite Writer

I am convinced that James Franco is my soulmate.

Reading novels (allegedly) penned by celebrities is my newest hobby.  I refer to those books “Celebrity Trash Reads” and to date, I have page-turned from Britney Spears to the Kardashians and Snooki.  Kadiri, I know.  😀

I don’t really expect “depth” from a celebrity author even if he is one of the brightest movie stars.  Well, after reading James Franco’s collection of short stories, I now love him more as a writer than as an actor.  His anti-heroes are original (and fucked up) as Holden Caulfield and Howard Roark.

“Lockheed”, “April in Three Parts”, and “American History”— I think your inner teenager will cry.

Favorite Footwear

When you live a stone’s throw away from where your employer, the office becomes an extension of your home.  I wear ballet flats to and from work.  Most of the time, even during.  I always intend to change into heels as soon as I reach my desk but these “house shoes” are just too comfy to slip out of.

Solemate is an increasingly popular brand available in SM and retails at PHP299.75.  If you’re lucky as I was, the shoe department offers a Buy One, Get One promo and you’ll only end up paying PHP499.75 for two pairs.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Pic(ks) of the Week: Once Upon A Time, I Actually Dreamed Of Becoming A Sociologist. (I Wish I Still Do.)

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