Pic(ks) of the Week: In Praise of Twitter’s Brainchild— the Hashtag.

This week, I’m putting a lil’ twist on this “segment” of my blog in praise of Twitter’s brainchild— the Hashtag.  🙂


Photo Credit: Click here.

Age?  Perhaps 10 or 11.  Film?  Angels in the Outfield.  Character?  An orphan named Roger.  Media?  Betamax, VHS, AND Laser Disc (yup, all three). 

My first real love.

Then he took on that hit TV show 3rd Rock from the Sun and graced the covers of teenybopper magazines I lost interest.  😀

In his recent stint as “Magic Mike” on SNL, Joseph Gordon-Levitt could’ve kicked Channing Tatum’s butt if he was even considered for that role (which, obviously, he isn’t).


Generally, I don’t enjoy travelling in the Philippines.  Or with Filipinos.  “Auto-Racism” ba ang tawag doon?  😀  I find that there are so few destinations in this country with a real sense of heritage.  And what little heritage left is seemingly corrupt.  😦

There are only three places in the Philippines I’d like to see in my lifetime— (a) Sulu, (b) Batanes, and (c) Vigan.  The third, which I was priviliged to visit last month, fell short of my expectations.  The famed Calle Crisologo (in above photo) is one capitalist enterprise in the guise of a World Heritage Site.  Tsk.


It’s no secret that my current obsession are novels (purportedly) written by A to D list celebrities.  🙂

I distinctly remember the first time I laid my hands on a copy of this book.  I was on my weekly bookrun (i.e., a term I use to refer to regular trips to the bookstore) and it was on the half-off bin.  In the literary world, clearly, the pop superstar known as Britney Spears is not a best-seller.

Ten years later, I was clamoring for a copy of my own if only to satiate my appetite for all things campy.  😀  After several inquiries and much to my disappointment, I learned that suppliers of bookstores operating here in Manila no longer carry A Mother’s Love.  It was only through my fairy godshopper House of Flair that I was able to secure this novel on my shelf.  🙂

You don’t need to know the story.  I don’t think you care enough to hear it either.  🙂  Suffice it to say that I combed through the book in two hours because the plot is, essentially, “gripping”.  There is one particular striking detail that made me flip through page after page after page…  🙂


Pictured above is one of Ilocos’ pride delicacy— the Bagnet, specifically, as it is served in Vigan’s Cafe Leona.  My cooking skills are limited to popping things on the microwave so all I can tell you is that this dish is from a pig and it’s full of fat.  😀

I think the proper way to eat Bagnet is with soy sauce or vinegar (please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) but I dip mine in tomato ketchup.


As a child, I looked forward to being invited to classmates’ bornday parties at McDonald’s because there’s always a puppet show and a “surprise guest”— Grimace.  It’s hilarious that my niece doesn’t feel the same way.  Although if it were Jollibee, I doubt that she’d be as scared shitless.  😀

(I no longer keep track if bourgeois society has resolved the mystery of what Grimace is supposed to be.  Growing up “elite educated”, I shamefully admit that I participated in such a debate with friends :D).


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