Pic(ks) of the Week: “We are infinite”. That’s right, I went there. :D

Favorite Movie

By now, I’m sure every pretentious Filipino teenager (or yuppie) has tweeted the wisdom, “We are infinite”.  That would be quite all right if:

(a) they knew what it implies; and

(b) they have actually read the novel before seeing the movie.

(Some may have also reenacted— or are planning to reenact— the tunnel scene although I can’t imagine how considering Manila is infamous for its traffic.  :D)

I was sitting next to a padre de familia at the theater so it would be terribly awkward if I bawled.  Instead, I managed to sneak in a few sniffles when:

(a) Charlie drank his meds with an RC cola;

(b) Charlie phoned his sister when he “crashed”; and

(c) Charlie opened up to his shrink about Aunt Helen.

P.S. There should have been scenes where Mr. Anderson gives Charlie copies of The Stranger (Albert Camus) and The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand).  Man, I love those books.

P.P.S. I’m pleased that the movie poster is of the same shade as the original book cover.

Favorite Starbucks

Those that are elusive . . .

Spotted during one of my afternoon strolls in Paris

This is where I wrote and licked stamps on postcards in London

Those that are empty . . .

Sunday morning, waiting for Alabang Town Center to open

. . . and those that get your name right (on the first try and with a smile).

Saturday brunch with a friend at 6750

Favorite Brunch

American Apple Pie . . .

. . . and Meat Lasagna.

Yezzz, in that order.  Dessert always has to come first.  😀

I’ve never really woken up to catch the Salcedo Market even though I should because it’s just in my neighborhood.  The market begins at 7:00AM and ends at 2:00PM.  I drag my lazy bones out of bed at 4:00PM.  Batugan, much?

(When I was born, my mother says it took a week before I finally opened my eyes.  They thought I was blind.  Turns out, I was sleeping the entire time.  :D)

During the second half of September, however, I find myself up and about by 9:00AM.  For no particular reason.  Thus, I’ve been frequenting the market albeit still in my pajamas.  You can get me out of bed in what I consider an “ungodly hour” on a Saturday but you cannot take me out of my PJs.  😀

Among all the food stalls at Salcedo Market, Tita Ope’s dishes are my personal favorites.  The Apple Pie costs PHP120.00 while the Meat Lasagna is priced at PHP170.00.  The phrase “Just like Nana used to make” comes to mind with every single bite.  Nothing beats the taste of homemade.  🙂


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