Pic(ks) of the Week: Clea is the new “Bella”.

Favorite Snack

(and Throwback)

One of my fondest childhood memories is waiting for our yayas to come home from their Saturday morning trip to the flea market because they always gave me any one of the following pasalubongs:

(a) puto; and

(b) Pom-Poms.

Most of the time, though, they’d be bringing home both.  🙂  “Puto” is self-explanatory.  “Pom-Poms”, on the other hand, may not be.  Anyway, these are a tinier version of the above photo and can be bought retail in sari-sari stores or wholesale in flea markets.  In the 80’s retail price would be less than or equal to PHP1.00.  A fraction of PHP1.00, wholesale.

So you can probably imagine my delight, when, after almost two decades I found a GINORMOUS replica of Pom-Poms!  😀  This is brandless and sold at the co-op store in the office for PHP35.00.  Steep, for a child in the 80’s.  Reasonable,  for a full-fledged taxpayer.  😀

Favorite LOL Moment

Photo Credit: Click here.

Confession: I don’t regularly go through my Fezbook news feed.  But when I do, I am always amused at the magnanimity of:

(a) garbage (i.e., camwhore photos); and

(b) fodder— such as the above meme.

This could easily be me, you know.  If I was born with Latin blood and starred as the ultimate kontrabida in my own show.  😀

(Thanks to my friend, M, for sharing this!  :))

Favorite Trainwreck

I swear, this is the last celebrity-penned fiction I’ll read.  For now.  Only because Hilary Duff’s writing has turned my brain into mush.  I didn’t think there could be anything worse than the Kardashians and Snooki’s novels but apparently, this is. I don’t even want to go to Rio and Tokyo anymore because the author ghostwriter ruined those for me.  😀

However, if Hilary Duff’s bullshit heroine, Clea, becomes the new “Bella”, I’ll be on the front row.  Laughing my ass off, of course.  In trainwrecks, I am resilient.  😀


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