Pic(ks) Before My Laos Trip: Move over, Fight Club.

Sorry to disappoint you but this week’s picks do not constitute a bevy of my travel essentials.  I’m just counting the hours before I take off to Luang Prabang, Laos.  🙂


I am convinced that James Franco Don Winslow is my soulmate.

(Move over, Fight Club.)

Which means, I hope they don’t turn this into a popcorn movie.  Especially since Blake Lively already plays Ophelia in the film release of Savages.  She can be “S” but definitely not “O”.


One thing I never run out of is a stash of Lili & Nana wrapping paper.  This may sound such a cliche but more than receiving presents, I love giving them.  The thrill is not in finding the right gift but in choosing the perfect wrapper.

Sure, it will be ripped to shreds in a matter of seconds upon opening the gift.  No matter, I just love to have something pretty to look at before such devastating act happens.

My good friends, K and S, both suggested (albeit separately) that I should clothe my copy of Fifty Shades of Shit Grey so that I won’t feel ashamed to be out seen with pornography the book in public.  That’s not a bad idea.  However, pity my Lili & Nana.


On a recent trip to the toy department with my niece, I wandered off to check if they still have the toys my sister and I shared back in the day.

This generation’s version of Polly Pocket is a total nightmare!  I mean, really.  Where is the “pocket”?  The “pocket” is my personal favorite.  And check out Polly.  Her size, which has grown a bizillion times her original in the 90’s, reminds me of Madame Olympe Maxime of the wizarding school Beauxbatons in Harry Potter.


One thought on “Pic(ks) Before My Laos Trip: Move over, Fight Club.

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