Globe-Trotting (LAOS): Home away from, well, EVERYTHING.

I don’t do hotel reviews because I’m no expert in the hospitality industry.  Thus, never mistake this post for a “review” as I only wish to share my wonderful experience at the Mekong Riverview with you.  🙂

My room can be found on the upper-left hand 

portion of the above photo.

The Mekong Riverview Hotel is located in what they refer to as “Old Town Luang Prabang” in the province of Luang Prabang, Laos.  As its name implies, yes, the hotel does have a commanding view of the famed Mekong River.

The hotel serves complimentary breakfast at a patio overlooking the Mekong too.  Now that’s starting your mornings right.  🙂

Note: I didn’t get the dishes pictured below per day.  I got all every single day!  😀

Omelette with mushroom and cheese and

sausages, ham, and bacon

They call this “Special” which is basically

pineapple crepe with honey and fried banana.

I love the Lao style fried banana. 

My sweet tooth was jumping for joy!  🙂

Some days, I opted for the simple banana crepe

with vanilla sauce, instead of the “Special”.

Washing everything down with Lao coffee

Since I canceled my plans to visit the Plain of Jars in Phonsavan, I spent a sufficient amount of time luxuriating in my room.  And by luxuriatinlg, I mean, reading books and mooching off the free WIFI.  😀

Mekong Riverview is famous for its Swedish beds.

With just a push of a few buttons, you can recline your mattress.  I never did this but I suppose it’s convenient for people who watch  TV (the plasma is hung on a wall facing the bed) or read books at a certain angle.

Sorry, no bathroom photos.  I don’t do that either.  I think it’s gross to post pictures of where I poop, er, “flip through magazines”.

If you examine the photo above, however, there are two doors on the left and right hand sides.  The left is where the rainshower (hot and cold!) and sink are.  The right is where the toilet is.

There’s a bevy of basic toiletries provided and replenished as your room is cleaned.  Three kinds of towels (i.e., bath, hand, and face), included.  There are robes, bedroom slippers, and hangers ready inside the wooden cabinet.  The refrigerator is stocked daily with six bottles of mineral water, a variety and cans of soda— all complimentary!  I got twice as much because my room is ideal for two and I was traveling alone.  🙂

My “Carrie Bradshaw” window where I wake up (and say goodnight) to the Mekong River.  The “traffic situation” during the Boun Ok Pansa was viewed from up here too.  😀

A selection of Laos travel books is made available by the hotel owner, Mr. Urban Paulsson, as you arrive in your room.  I think this is a very nice touch.  Not only do you experience the utmost comfort, you’re also gifted the opportunity of being educated.

My designated bicycle!  The hotel manager, Somchit, and his staff don’t even keep this anymore.  The wheeler is always parked out front so I can use it anytime I want.  🙂

For the elderly (and those who choose not to use the free bicycles), a golf cart driven by one of the hotel personnel can drop you off at Luang Prabang’s hub.  Tuktuks are on stand-by and for a fee to serve as your ride back to the hotel.  Most tourists, however, prefer the leisurely walk home.

Use of the golf cart or bicycles does not mean that Mekong Riverview is quite far from where the Luang Prabang action is.  Quite the contrary.  It is walking distance to the significant attractions such as the Wat Xieng Thong and the streets where the Alms Giving Ceremony takes place.

More than the food, comfort, and convenience, what made my stay at the hotel memorable was the gathering hosted by Mr. Urban Paulsson on my first night.  Wine was served for the guests and I was able to engage in delightful conversations with Westerners from Belgium, England, and America.  They are generations older than me and are professors, bankers, doctors, and retired U.S. army men.  From bucket lists to U.S. politics and, yes, even to Ferdinand Marcos’ Martial Law— it was a night where I felt my lightest.  And not because of the champagne either.  🙂

I’m sure there are a handful of cheaper alternatives for guesthouses in Luang Prabang but I’m blessed for the chance to live at the Mekong Riverview albeit temporarily.  Mr. Urban Paulsson is a hands-on owner and he personalizes the Laos experience of every visitor.  With that, there will always be a reason to go back.  🙂


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