Holiday 2012 Picks: Merry Happy!

Favorite Errand


Before you pass on severe judgment, let me just clarify that I didn’t buy the stupid catalogue for myself.  I’m not going to feign ignorance on half the stars who made the cover but come on.  I’m more Hollywood than Kapamilya (Or Kapuso.  Or Kapatid.  Or what-the-fuckever.).  I do not patronize this kind of bat-shit.  😀


(I did, however, own an older version of the above magazine with Marian Rivera as its front-runner.  In my defense, it was only due to my very, very, VERY brief Darna fangirling phase.  :D)


So what are these glossies for, anyway?  Well, believe it or not, these are pasalubong for my cousin in Arizona.  My family thought I’d be the right person to send on this errand.  No complaints here.  🙂



I didn’t know how “lonely” she is so even though I was instructed to buy “chismis” magazines only, I added these two specifically to:

(a) broaden her fashion choices yet keeping it close to home— i.e. Preview; and

(b) “corrupt” her perspective on art (I was told she’s a budding artist)— i.e., Rogue.


I wrapped the bundle up in Lili and Nana paper so as not to cheapen it further.  Yezzz, maarte lang talaga ako.  🙂

Favorite Hue


The concept of “glitter” is quite traumatic to me (OA!  :D) for two reasons:

(a) Mariah Carey’s trainwreck movie; and

(b) Grade School art class.

Apparently, I’m healed because I added another Solemate to my shoe closet.

Favorite Message



One of the few things I look forward to during the holidays are the gingerbread creations displayed at business district hotels or our neighborhood country club.  I don’t even mind not being able to taste them.  A feast for the eyes is more than enough.  🙂


Every gingerbread art you see on this post was handcrafted by a child.  I wasn’t around when the actual gingerbread making was held at The Palms Country Club.  Thankfully, though, these babies were hung at the lobby.  I took photos when we had our Noche Buena.



It was overwhelming to witness the children’s creativity.  I wish I had the luxury of time to devote a snapshot to each.  Such a shame that I can only share with you my favorites.



Merry Happy!  🙂

Favorite Freebie


Technically, this isn’t a freebie because my brother had to buy a PHP3,000.00+ sterilizer and it was only then that he was awarded the reusable bag.  Kuya originally opted for the color green but since he was giving the bag to me and the shade reminded me of my cheerleader pom-poms back in high school, I (kindly) ordered him to exchange it for fuschia.  😀


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