Pic(ks) of the Week: I should be removed from the “Bacon Lover” category.

The last time I did this was 2 months and 28 days ago so forgive me if I’m a little bit rusty.

Favorite Disappointment


Everyone loves bacon.  But you are encouraged to disagree with me, if you feel that that declaration is not all-encompassing.

Which is why I was thrilled to learn that a famous local deli opened in my neighborhood serving the bacon lover’s dream: Bacon Slab, priced at PHP320.00.

The dish’s name speaks for itself.  It is one GINORMOUS slab of bacon served with bacon rice and eggs sunny side up.  Apparently, I should be removed from the “Bacon Lover” category because I hated this.  😦

Wait, hear me out, at least.

(a) I don’t like eating fat.  Whether on a traditional pork barbecue or a simple pork stew, I always remove that layer of fat stuck to the meat.

(b) I prefer my bacon to be thin, crisp, and toasted.  This is a slab so obviously, it doesn’t suit my preference.

The meal is a gamble but for what it’s worth, I’m just relieved to have finally killed the curiosity upon hearing amazing reviews on this bacon lover’s dream.

Favorite Spiel


Inasmuch as I’d like to take credit for this meme, I can’t.  But for those who know me only too (physically and mentally) well, I’m sure you can imagine me delivering these lines perfectly.  😀

Favorite (Wedding) Party Favor


I’m not just saying that I love live for cupcakes because they are one of Manila’s latest craze.  When I asked my mom what she constantly craved for while she was pregnant with me, she replied: “Cakes”.  So there you have it.  The only justification for my sweet tooth and strong affinity for all kinds of baked goodies.

There are various cupcake stores all over the metro but my favorite would have to be Sonja’s.  In fact, I usually order half a dozen of their Lemon Cupcakes and finish the entire box in, well, less than three days.

Pictured above are obviously not my personal Sonja’s pick but that of my friend M’s.  These were served at her wedding January this year.  What’s more, each guest had a takeaway box too.  I love that I went home from the ceremony/ wedding party with my brand of cupcake.

Favorite Surprise


Ever since he was deployed in Vietnam, my dad has been bringing home  paintings of street artists he commissioned.  They were always of the countryside so my jaw literally dropped when he came home with this.  

I’ve always wanted to “sleep with” Che Guevara.  😀  And with Papa’s intention to hang the painting at my place, I finally can.  🙂

Favorite Souvenir


It’s no secret that I collect Starbucks tumblers from all over the world.  My sister, who embarked on a recent trip to Vietnam albeit for leisure, had the privilege of witnessing the first Starbucks opening its doors to Ho Chi Minh city.

Cover art of Starbucks tumblers vary one country to another, or from city to city.  Vietnam’s shows a woman wearing a farmer’s hat with her head bowed low as if in submission.  Hmmm.


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