Pic(ks) of the Week: Bedtime stories, aging, and . . . Kit Kat.

Favorite Pasalubong

Kit Kat - Japan Flavors???????????????????????????????

Right: From K, who now lives in Japan

Left: From my Kuya and sister-in-law, who visited San Francisco 

I’ve been constantly hearing raves from people who are privileged to taste Kit Kat in flavors aside from milk chocolate.  My sister’s personal favorite is its Green Tea variant.  Mine would have to be Lychee (pictured above).  Forgive me, my knowledge of the Japanese language is nil so I only based “Lychee” from how my palate dissected the wafer’s coating vis-a-vis how it was illustrated on the foil wrapping.  😀

The other flavors in photo are Strawberry Cheesecake and Dark Chocolate.  I can’t say much for either because both are predictable and ordinary.  Hmmm.  Any chance that Nestle came up with a Tiramisu?  🙂


I arrived from a week-long Hanoi vacation just as my brother and sister-in-law were leaving for San Francisco.  I originally asked for a Starbucks city tumbler to add to my growing collection but I was informed that they only had the city mug so I told them not to bother.  Instead, they bought me Starbucks VIA Iced Caramel which is:

(a) not available in Manila (BOO!); and

(b) on sale where 5 sachets = USD2.99 (YEA!)

Favorite Bedtime Story


The thing about reading is that you can go through so many phases and still come full circle.  I fluctuate:

(a) from celebrity-penned fiction to history non-fiction;

(b) from young adult to fantasy; and

(c) from crime to the classics.

My current obsession is Nordic crime fiction in general, and the Nina Borg series, in particular.  Nina is a do-gooder nurse who is always compelled to save someone, else, the world.  The Boy in the Suitcase is the first installment.  Nina’s story is not as perverted as Lisbeth Salander’s but close.  I’m putting Invisible Murder on-hold until Death of a Nightingale debuts in November 2013.  I hate cliffhangers.

Favorite Spiel


It’s never because I “aged considerably” (ahem, 30!).  It’s because I have always been, well, to put it bluntly, anti-social.  I would rather spend an entire day horizontal in bed reading, instead of worming my way through crowded bars.  Unless you are extremely special in my books (pun intended), I won’t crawl out of the covers for coffee, brunch, or a wedding.  😀


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