Pic(ks) of the Mid-Week: Couples, Brands, and Superstars

Favorite Couple


Photo Credit: D’s Fezbook Newsfeed  🙂

I said YES!  And by that I mean, I agreed to walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid on my favorite twosome’s wedding.  Mind you, I promised myself that my brother’s union would be the last I’d attend as one of the entourage but when this bride and groom asked me to be part of their ceremony, I couldn’t resist.

Laughter and a solid friendship are what I consider non-negotiables in a relationship.  Before these two became a couple, they were the best of friends.  The only things that hurt when I hang out with them are my sides.  From laughing.  I’m already counting the days to their December wedding.  😀

Favorite Brand


Products from my kitchen

Right: 2007 to 2013

Left: 2013 onwards

I chanced upon Messy Bessy when I was dropping off clothes for dry cleaning at a neighborhood laundry which prides itself for being “eco-friendly”.  That was way back in 2007 and since then, I’ve been loyal to its household cleaning products such as:

(a) Dishwashing Liquid = Before, this product came only in one variant.  Now, it boasts of different scents: Aloe & Green Tea, Kiwi Lemon, Vanilla Orange, and my personal pick, Ocean Rain.  Cost: PHP130.00 (500ml); PHP440.00 (2-liter refill)

(b) Hand Wash = Like the dishwashing liquid, only one variant was available back then (i.e., Aloe & Green Tea) and it was marketed for hand use.  Today, this product comes in all scents as the dish cleaner and may now be used for lathering your body.  Cost: PHP180.00 (500ml); PHP500.00 (2-liter refill)

(c) Woody Wood Cleaner & Conditioner = Pledge gives me the sniffles  and a headache.  Which is why I’m very grateful for this alternative.  It shines my piano, furniture, and floor and smells of practically nothing!  Cost: PHP450.00 (500ml)

(d) Minty Orange Surface Cleaner = I use this product for cleaning my refrigerator and countertops.  It agrees with me because the citrus odor is hardly strong and with the right amount of spray, leaves any surface gleaming.  Cost: PHP240.00 (500ml); PHP440.00 (2-liter refill)

Favorite Teenybopper Superstar


Photo Credit: Miley Ray Cyrus, on Twitter

With the recent release of her new single, We Can’t Stop, Teen Queen Miley Cyrus ditches her Disney-patented crown for, in my opinion, a soul.  Some might call her trashy.  I applaud her for being real.

She was never Hannah Montana.  It was just a part she played for far too long.  She wasn’t meant to be a role model for young girls.  She’s an artist who has proven that she continues to evolve.

I fuckin’ love her.  😀


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