Holiday 2012 Picks: Merry Happy!

Favorite Errand Before you pass on severe judgment, let me just clarify that I didn’t buy the stupid catalogue for myself.  I’m not going to feign ignorance on half the stars who made the cover but come on.  I’m more Hollywood than Kapamilya (Or Kapuso.  Or Kapatid.  Or what-the-fuckever.).  I do not patronize this kind of bat-shit.  😀 (I did, however, own […]

Pic(ks) of the Week: When it comes to the Twilight franchise, I would have to give you a flat NO. Well, almost.

Favorite Surprise Did I ever tell you?  There are only three kinds of fruit I eat: (a) Apple; (b) Pineapple; and (c) Banana. I guess you could say that’s one of my bizillion quirks.  😀 Anyway, the menu at Cravings promised walnuts with this “Baked Apple Crumble” but there are absolutely no walnuts and no crumble either. […]