Pic(ks) of the Week: Treats, Trainwreck, and Bargain

Favorite Treats



One thing you should know about me is I tend not to open some of my Christmas presents until, well, February.  Thus, these tiny pieces of chocolate heaven should have been listed as one of my holiday picks but weren’t because I almost forgot about them.

It’s not that I receive a lot of gifts.  I don’t.  Which is precisely why I never bother to look under the tree because I’m not expecting a surprise for me.

These treats were given to me by one of my good friends from the Bank, Ms. F.  They came in a small plastic jar with a fluffy snowman head on its lid.  I use the jar to store little notes I’ve written this year on people, places, and events that put a smile on my face or a laughter in my belly.  😀

Favorite Trainwreck


I will never understand the basis of scheduling films in Manila.  There are occasions when the release is aligned with the United States but there are instances when it’s utterly delayed.

Take Savages, for example.  I purchased the DVD from a local bookstore.  Weeks later, it opened.  I would’ve preferred to watch the movie on the big screen but since I already have Blake Lively immortalized on home video, well, I wouldn’t waste a few more bucks on her.


Three reasons why, in spite of being “star-studded” and directed by Oliver Stone, I think the film didn’t live up to Don Winslow’s genius:

(a) Blake Lively as “O”: She may be the epitome of a California Teenage Dream but did the story have to be narrated on her point of view?  Her voice is as annoying as the screenplay’s ending.

(b) Taylor Kitsch as “Chon”: An actor as forgettable as Taylor Kitch should not portray the immutable Chon.

(c) John Travolta as “Dennis”: The acting tries too hard.  I’m inclined to cast someone anonymous to which he will be applauded for.

Favorite Bargain


Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Ballet Flats: Parisian from, dare I even say it, SM Masinag

I have two ratty dresses in my closet.  This is one of them.  It has a small tear on the side which I keep on neglecting because:

(a) It’s not even vulgar; and

(b) I suck at sewing.

The shoes were a random find at the one of the most obscure SM branches I know: Masinag.  😀  We took my niece there for a Sunday stroll (it’s less than a kilometer from where she lives).  Her nanny, much to my awe, pointed the flats out to me because they were on sale at PHP499.00.


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